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The laundry room takes advantage of natural sunlight streaming through a tilt-and-turn window, which offers serene side yard views. A vibrant shade of coastal blue on walls is a fun way to jazz up an otherwise utilitarian space. A high-arc faucet lends a sculptural quality to the countertop. The spout swivels 360 degrees for complete [...]
Artwork and accessories have no place in a room where materials and clean lines take center stage. White porcelain tile, cabinetry and countertops create a feeling of tranquility. An easel-style shelf provides storage space for towels and toiletries. The dark walnut finish is repeated in a farmhouse-style bench and beveled mirror. Glass doors provide a [...]
Interior designer Linda Woodrum's ode to sea glass, the twin suite bedroom celebrates the home's coastal location. A braided rug in the room's color palette anchors the space. Inspired by the design of a 19th-century antique, a seven-drawer dresser gets a mod makeover with a coat of eye-popping turquoise paint. Windows overlook the back deck [...]
The ground-level semi-conditioned garage boasts sanded concrete floors sealed in a marine-grade urethane and a PVC-slatted and screened-in wall treatment that allows cool breezes to flow through and flood waters to escape during hurricane conditions. The garage's unique breakaway wall system is clad in PVC slats and screening, which guards against bugs and animals. The [...]
An extension of the great room, the 600-square-foot back deck, clad in durable garapa wood, provides a cinema-like experience, where marsh views and scenery change as often as the tides. Two sets of French doors connect the great room to the back deck, which is elevated 10 feet above ground level and boasts stellar views [...]
Toronto's Chapi Chapo Design went for a gorgeous and geometric look in this home that boasts a slick single-wall cooking zone by Trevisana Kitchens. The striated backsplash also offers interest. What's that you said about modern white kitchens being boring? Photo Credit: Trevisana Kitchens
Sure, not all of us own a grand space like this modern white kitchen designed by Love it or List it Vancouver's Jillian Harris. But fear not. Steal the look by opting for striking grainy cabinet fronts, a slick island that doubles as a table and stainless-steel accessories including pendants and a ceiling fan that [...]