The open floor plan for the living area and dining space finds unity in the bright white color palette with sea green and pink accents. The soft colors draw focus on the real showstopper, floor-to-ceiling views of Puget Sound. --- Designer : Brian Patrick Flynn
The latest building to feature an indoor slide is this South Korean house by Seoul studio Moon Hoon, where a wooden slide is slotted into a combined staircase and bookshelf (+ slideshow). The ground floor is dedicated to the children and includes the wooden staircase and slide. Open treads create bleacher-style seating areas for a home cinema, [...]
Modern and Minimal The kitchen’s easy style relies on a clean design and well-chosen materials instead of lots of decoration. “The kitchen is probably the most modern or contemporary thing in the house, mostly because it’s kind of minimal,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. “But it’s minimal because there’s so much architecture.”
Bathrooms should be a place of escapism and relaxation – somewhere to unwind at the end of a long day. We’ve put together the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of modern bathroom design, so you can create a blissful haven that is modern, yet timeless. Article from Nyde more information #grid-10326 .tg-nav-border:hover,#grid-10326,#grid-10326{border-color:#20a1c9}#grid-10326 .tg-nav-border,#grid-10326 .tg-dropdown-holder:hover,#grid-10326 .tg-search-inner:hover,#grid-10326 [...]
Interior Designer: Linda Woodrum. With a color palette inspired by the bark of the birch tree, the kitchen serves as both entertainment and gathering space. The hood, wrapped with timber at the point where it intersects the ceiling, serves as a stainless steel sculpture in the space. The 20-foot column was constructed by a local [...]
The front entry serves as a passageway from the front door to the gathering room and the lower-level living area. The front door, crafted from hemlock planks reclaimed from the interior of a 150-year-old home, complements the natural pine flooring and yellow birch panel ceiling. The home's modern style dictated the design of the staircase, [...]
The garage exterior showcases an impressive gable end complete with eco-friendly poplar bark siding and hemlock timbers, cut and milled locally. A six-arm chandelier peeks through the gable-end window, creating the illusion of second-story loft space. An asphalt drive blends seamlessly into the home's bluestone side patio. A narrow cobbled bluestone walkway along the car [...]
Hanging bubble chairs and plenty of open floor space create an irresistible indoor play area for kids eliminating rainy-day cries of, "I'm bored!" Design by Randy Weinstein. #grid-10326 .tg-nav-border:hover,#grid-10326,#grid-10326{border-color:#20a1c9}#grid-10326 .tg-nav-border,#grid-10326 .tg-dropdown-holder:hover,#grid-10326 .tg-search-inner:hover,#grid-10326 .tg-sorter-order:hover,#grid-10326 .tg-disabled:hover i{border:1px solid #D8D8D8}#grid-10326 .tg-search-clear,#grid-10326 .tg-search-clear:hover{border:none;border-left:1px solid #D8D8D8}#grid-10326 .tg-nav-color:not(.dots):not(.tg-dropdown-value):not(.tg-dropdown-title):hover,#grid-10326 .tg-nav-color:hover .tg-nav-color,#grid-10326,#grid-10326 span:not(.tg-filter-count){color:#20a1c9}.tg-nav-sqr-thin .tg-page-number.dots{border:none !important}.tg-nav-sqr-thin .tg-grid-area-left i,.tg-nav-sqr-thin .tg-grid-area-right i{line-height:38px}.tg-nav-sqr-thin [...]