Stairs You Can Sit On – Panorama House by Moon Hoon

The latest building to feature an indoor slide is this South Korean house by Seoul studio Moon Hoon, where a wooden slide is slotted into a combined staircase and bookshelf (+ slideshow).

The ground floor is dedicated to the children and includes the wooden staircase and slide. Open treads create bleacher-style seating areas for a home cinema, but they also double-up as bookshelves for a small study area tucked underneath.

“The key was coming up with a multi-functional space,” say the architects. “The multi-use stair and slide space bring much active energy to the house. Not only children but also grown-ups love the slide staircase.”

Two twin bedrooms are located behind the study, plus the youngest children can also use the large second-floor attic as a playroom.

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